Wheelie bins

You should present separated waste for collection in wheelie bins. Send a request to us if you wish to change or add to the standard set of wheelie bins, or to order a new address sticker. If the wheelie bin is broken, please report this.

Wheelie bin disappeared

If your wheelie bin has disappeared after being emptied, please wait until the next collection day. If your wheelie bin hasn't been found by then, ring telephone number 14 076 to request a replacement wheelie bin.

If you retrieve your wheelie bin, but your waste does not fit into the wheelie bin:

  • place paper and cardboard in a box next to the wheelie bin
  • place plastic packaging waste and empty beverage cartons in a transparent plastic bag next to the wheelie bin
  • please take vegetable, fruit and garden waste to the Waste recycling centre

What you need to know

For each household, the standard set consists of 3 green wheelie bins with a coloured lid:

Households in the suburbs also have 1 grey wheelie bin for residual waste.

Households in and around the city centre do not have wheelie bins. The waste is presented for collection by the refuse truck, alternatively waste can be presented next to the bicycle storage area on Oude Vest and Nieuwstraat.

The waste collection calendar shows on which day the wheelie bins are emptied. Collection takes place between 07.00 and 17.00 hours. You may leave the wheelie bin outdoors on the day before collection after 21.00 hours. We ask that you remove the wheelie bin from the street on the same day it is emptied.

Changing or adding to the standard set

The standard wheelie bin has a volume of 240 litres (dimensions 105 cm high, 59 cm wide, 73 cm deep). Also available are wheelie bins with a volume of 140 litres (dimensions 105 cm high, 48 cm wide, 55 cm deep). Also available for VFG waste is a 25-litre caddy (dimensions 45 cm high, 30 cm wide, 41 cm deep).

Do you have more or less waste? Is a large wheelie bin taking up too much space? Do you prefer to present plastic and drink cartons for collection in the special bags that are available free of charge?

Options for changing the set of wheelie bins on offer to suit your preferences and situation:

  • exchanging a container for a different size (240 or 140 litres)
  • exchanging a VFG wheelie bin for a 25-litre caddy
  • ordering a maximum of 3 additional wheelie bins for each type of wheelie bin
  • handing back the orange container for plastic and drink cartons
  • handing back additional wheelie bins

Each household has at least 1 blue and 1 green wheelie bin.

If you move house, all wheelie bins must be left behind at the property. The new resident will send a request to us if a change of size or numbers is required.

A change is free of charge.

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