A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your computer when you visit pages on our website. The information in this text file is saved by your browser. Other pages on this website can then ask for that information when you visit them, so that the system knows (for example) if you have logged in.

Usefulness and necessity

The cookies ensure that our website functions correctly and securely. The website also uses cookies for statistical purposes. Through Siteimprove, we monitor how many visitors visit our website, which pages are visited most of all and which search terms are used. This enables us to fine-tune our website to the needs of our visitors. The data are stored anonymously and third party 'tracking cookies' are not used. Permission does not have to be obtained for these cookies to be used.


On this website you can provide a response by the feedback option (on the right side of the page) . You then agree to the temporary use of 2 cookies, required for the correct functioning of this feedback option. The cookies are only used in the way described here and are immediately deleted when the browser is closed. If you use an adblocker, you will not see the feedback option. You can then use the contact form.

Your privacy

Taking into account the privacy of users, Breda Council itself collects the user data from the website. The council does not share these data with third parties and no personal data are stored. The council therefore does not use commercial parties to gather data and no third-party 'tracking cookies' are used. IP addresses are anonymised automatically and pages viewed by visitors cannot be linked to specific IP addresses afterwards.

Do Not Track

Breda Council respects your browser's 'Do Not Track' (DNT) function. If you have enabled the 'Do Not Track' functionality through your browser's settings, absolutely no usage data from your visit to Breda Council's website will be saved.