Waste disposal pass

The underground residual waste container can be opened using a waste disposal pass. To open the underground residual waste container, place the pass on the display. A single household has 1 waste disposal pass, a multi-person household has 2 waste disposal passes. If you have lost or damaged your pass, if your pass isn't working or if no pass had been left in your new house when you moved in, request a new pass.

What you need to know

  • If you lose or damage this pass (do not make a hole in the pass, for example), a replacement waste disposal pass costs € 15.
  • When you move house, you do not take the pass with you but leave this at your old house. If you are the new occupant and a waste disposal pass hasn't been left in the property, you can apply for a new pass free of charge for up to six weeks after moving into your new home. After 6 weeks, a new waste disposal pass will cost € 15.
  • If you are the owner of a building with rooms to rent out or if you have a company, you can enter into a contract for additional waste disposal passes. An additional waste disposal pass then costs € 52 per year.

City centre residents have waste disposal passes allowing them to present their waste for collection by the refuse truck, alternatively waste can be presented next to the bicycle storage area Oude Vest or Nieuwstraat.

Households in the suburbs do not have waste disposal passes as there are no underground containers in these areas.

Waste disposal pass has been lost

Waste disposal pass has been damaged

Waste disposal pass isn't working

Waste disposal pass new resident

Second waste disposal pass

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