Waste recycling centre

Breda has 2 Waste recycling centres; you do not need an appointment to use these sites. Ensure you have a valid identity document with you. The various types of waste must be pre-sorted. Companies must pay a fee. Private individuals can deposit waste free of charge, but not if the waste is transported in a commercial vehicle. You are only able to pay using PIN.

Address and opening times

Spinveld 9
Monday to Saturday 8.30 - 16.00 hours.

Slingerweg 9
Sunday from 10.00 - 14.00 hours.

Days on which the Waste recycling centre is busy or closed

The Slingerweg Waste recycling centre may open for longer hours on busy days. The Waste recycling centre is closed on public holidays. To see the busy days and the public holidays, view the Waste recycling centre calendar.

Use the webcam (opens in a new window/tab) to see how busy it currently is at the Waste recycling centre.

Webcam Spinveld 9

Webcam Slingerweg 9

Conditions for a visit to the Waste recycling centre

  • you are a resident of the Municipality of Breda
  • you show a valid identity document (driving licence, identity card or passport)
  • a valid rental or purchase contract if you rent a house or have bought a house in Breda but have not yet registered with the Municipality of Breda

Companies can enter into a contract with the Municipality of Breda for the collection of small commercial waste.

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