Residual bulky waste


Residual bulky waste from inside your home, not belonging to any other type of bulky waste. Such as household goods, slatted frames, carpets and furniture not entirely made of wood.

Solid wood furniture is another type of bulky waste, namely Household Wood.

Drop-off in person

Residual bulky waste can be dropped off at the waste recycling centre free of charge.


If it is difficult to drop off the other residual bulky waste, you can arrange for it to be collected free of charge. 

Due to other collections, the day you have selected may already be full. Please select a different day.

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Bulky waste made entirely of wood is collected as wood or garden waste.

Need assistance?

The forms are in Dutch. If you need assistance please call 14 076.


Residual bulky waste can be dropped off at the waste recycling centre free of charge. The waste can also be collected free of charge.

Rules for putting waste out for collection

  • Maximum 2 m3 (per appointment). 
  • The waste must be no longer than 1.5 metres. 
  • Tie loose items together with tape or rope.
  • Sofa's may be left whole.
  • 1 person must generally be able to lift the bulky waste. 
  • Tape up glass or mirrors in cupboard doors (no longer than 1.5 metres) on both sides with wide tape. 
  • Do not put in a rubbish bag or box.
  • Place bulky waste on the road in front of your property (not in your garden).

Waste collection starts at 06:00 hours. You may put it out from 21:00 hours the evening before. Prevent additional waste being added to your waste by putting it outside in the morning.

Only residual bulky waste that has been put out for collection correctly will be picked up.

Residual bulky waste includes

Household items that are too large or too heavy to throw away in a waste bag, your own waste container or in an underground, aboveground or indoor container.

  • beds (not completely made of wood, without mattresses)
  • carpets
  • chairs
  • cupboard doors with glass or mirrors no longer than 1,5 metres
  • garden furniture (not entirely made of wood)
  • metals (aluminium, iron and steel)
  • slatted frames without plug (electrical frames are collected separately as electrical appliances)
  • sofas

Residual bulky waste is NOT

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You can cancel your appointment by clicking the link in the confirmation email.

Commercial waste

As a company, you can enter into a contract with the council for your waste collection.