Bulky waste

Waste that is too large or too heavy for an (underground) residual waste container should be taken to the Waste recycling centre or you can arrange for this to be collected. This is free of charge for households, but not for companies. This waste should also be separated before being dropped off or collected: electrical equipment, pruning waste, building and demolition waste (Big Bag) other bulky waste and metal. The collection dates are shown in the report form.

Bulky waste in plastic bags and boxes will not be collected.

Register bulky waste (The form is in Dutch. If you need assistance please call 14 076.)

What can you arrange to be collected and what is not collected

The following is collected

  • bulky waste: household waste that does not fit in the (underground) residual waste container, such as furniture, carpet and metal
  • electrical equipment
  • pruning waste or wood
  • sand, building and demolition waste in a Big Bag
    The municipality will only collect this if this is presented in a Big Bag provided by the municipality. The Big Bags (volume 1 m3) can be purchased from the Civic Amenity Sites and from the Waste Service desk at Slingerweg 9. The Big Bags cost € 65. You are only able to pay using PIN.

Not collected

Asbestos, car tyres, sleepers, fire extinguishers, bituminous waterproofing, roof gravel and turf. This waste should be taken to the Waste recycling centre.

Commercial waste:
As a company, you can enter into a contract for your waste collection.

If in doubt, check the Afvalwijzer (Dutch) (refuse guide) .

Rules for presenting the waste

Bulky waste will be collected from 07.00 hours. On the evening before the agreed collection day, bulky waste can be placed outdoors after 21.00 hours. 

Bulky waste

  • can be lifted by 1 person and is less than 2 metres in length (except for sofas or parts of cabinets; these can be presented as a whole)
  • place items on the pavement in front of the house, alongside the main road
  • tape or string together separate boards to form a bundle that can be carried
  • wide tape should be stuck on the glass of doors, cupboards or window frames in a criss-cross pattern

Bulky waste in plastic bags and boxes will not be collected.

Pruning waste (branches, stumps and trunks of trees or stems of shrubs)

  • present separately or strung together with baler twine, not in a bin bag.
  • no longer than 2 metres
  • placed away from hedges, fences, trees, lampposts or walls
  • maximum 25 m3 per household each time
  • not contaminated with other materials
  • no separate leaves or grass waste to be deposited with the pruning waste
  • can be reached by the crane truck from the public road
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