Plastic packaging, tin and drink cartons

Place plastic packaging, tin (cans) and empty drink cartons in a wheelie bin or in transparent bags at home, or place them in a container in your area. Plastic and empty drink cartons, tin (cans) are collected once every two weeks.

Plastic packaging waste

  • yoghurt, custard and ice cream containers and tubs
  • tin, cans
  • shampoo, shower gel and detergent bottles
  • water and soft drinks bottles
  • sauce and oil squeeze bottles
  • butter, sauce and cheese spread tubs
  • fruit juice, milk, custard, yoghurt, soup or pasta sauce packets
  • plant pots (no outer pots)
  • plastic carrier bags and small bags
  • vegetables, cheese, meat and fish packaging
  • pasta, rice, bread, biscuit and sweet packets

If you place this waste in a plastic bag before placing it in the wheelie bin, only use transparent plastic bags, or the special bags which are available free of charge.

What goes where

So that you know exactly what type of waste goes where, you can download the list (Dutch), print it off and hang it in a visible location.

pdf Afval scheiden: Wat hoort waar? (PDF, 2.96 MB)

For the collection dates, view the Waste collection calendar.

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