If parts of the infrastructure in your street show a problem, e.g. the street lighting or pavement, you should alert the municipal authorities straight away. Including when this concerns the maintenance of green areas or litter on the streets, or if you are experiencing any nuisance or inconvenience.

You can also report this quickly and easily using the BuitenBeter app (Dutch).

Please ring 14 076 (including outside of office hours) in the event of a hazardous situation.


What can you report

  • potholes
  • street litter
  • residual waste container full or broken 
  • wheelie bin not emptied 
  • green space maintenance
  • broken sewerage or flooding drains
  • vermin and nuisance caused by animals
  • oak processionary caterpillar 
  • dead animals in the street
  • loose pavement slabs
  • street lighting not working (tip: report lamp post number) 
  • broken bicycles, parked bicycles that are causing a hazard or hindrance, abandoned bicycles (a bicycle that has been left at a bicycle rack or stand for more than 28 days), bicycle in a green space
  • nuisance following an event

Other reports or tips about the neighbourhood are also welcome.


Why will it sometimes take longer?

In some cases, reports cannot be dealt with immediately:

  • weather conditions, such as extreme cold, snow or a storm can delay the work
  • because not all parts are in stock and have to be ordered
  • in some cases, the relevant work might be part of a fixed maintenance schedule that has already been planned
  • if there are more significant changes to the outdoor space, an inspection may have to be initiated first of all

Reporting to other organisations

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