Welcome to Breda. You are now a 'Bredanaar'!

Welcome to Breda. On this page you will find information which you may find useful. You can arrange a number of things quickly and easily.
If you can't find the information you need: please contact the municipality.

Register with the municipality

You have probably already done so, but just a reminder that when you move to Breda, you have to register with the Municipality of Breda within 5 days of your arrival. 


In Breda, people who live in the city centre and in neighbourhoods with on-street parking charges (Dutch) can apply for a parking permit. If you have visitors, a scheme is in place which allows your visitors to park at a reduced price. You can park your bicycle in the city centre in one of the free bicycle storage areas.


Most households have wheelie bins, plus a waste disposal pass for residual waste, on loan from the municipality.  You can change the number of wheelie bins to suit your needs. When a resident moves house, the wheelie bins and pass are left at the old house. If the previous residents have not left the waste disposal pass behind, you can apply for a new pass for up to six weeks after moving into your new home.

Moving to a new-build home and don't have any wheelie bins yet? Send us an email, using the contact form and include your new address. Meanwhile, take your waste to the recycling centre.

More information about waste can be found at breda.nl/en/waste.


Do you have a dog and would you like to walk your four-legged friend? You can walk your dog at dog walking areas and off-lead areas for dogs (Dutch).

In Breda you do not have to pay dog tax for your dog.

Enjoying life in Breda

On behalf of the municipality, you are the eyes and ears of your street and neighbourhood. Is something broken or damaged on your street, for example the street lighting or paving stones? Is there rubbish or dirt on the street, or are you experiencing nuisance? You can report this on the BuitenBeter app (Dutch) or report this to the municipality.

Download the BuitenBeter-app

Discover Breda

Shopping, sports, events: Breda has a lot to offer. As a newly minted resident of Breda, be inspired by the information on the website VisitBreda.

Breda internationals

Breda internationals is the destination for all internationals living in Breda. The Breda Internationals website is there to support you and give you general information about Breda, practical tips and events. Join our international community in Breda, get connected and explore. Watch the film to Learn more about the ins and outs of settling down and making a new life in Breda.