Underground residual waste container

Have you separated your waste properly? If so, residual waste will remain. Take this residual waste to the underground residual waste container in your area. You use your waste disposal pass to open the container.

Residual waste container full or broken

If the container is full or blocked, if waste has been deposited next to the container or if the container won't open, please report this.


Outside of office hours, you can report this on telephone number 14 076.

Disposing of your residual waste

Using your waste disposal pass, you can take your residual waste to the underground containers in a maximum of 4 locations. 2 locations are included as standard on your waste disposal pass. If you would like to dispose of your waste in 1 or 2 other location(s), you can add this/these location(s). You can use the form for this.

Add location of a residual waste container

Add location of a residual waste container (DigiD)

What you need to know

Take residual waste to an underground residual waste container in your area. Open the container using the waste disposal pass.

  • Place the waste disposal pass on the display. You will hear a click. You can open the cover. Close the cover after you have placed the rubbish bag in the container.
  • If the container won't open, or if it is full or blocked, take the residual waste to the other underground container you are permitted to take your residual waste to, or take your waste home with you.
  • The underground residual waste containers will be emptied at least twice a week.
  • Bulky waste or bags that are too large will get stuck and will block the container. Bring it to the waste recycling centre, or register bulky waste and it will be collected.

There are no underground containers in the suburbs or in the city centre.
Households in the suburbs have a grey container for residual waste.

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