Vegetable, fruit and garden waste (VFG)

Vegetable, fruit and garden waste should be placed in your VFG wheelie bin at home, or in the VFG waste container outside your apartment block or in your area. The VFG waste is collected once every two weeks.

Vegetable, fruit and garden waste

  • potato peelings
  • leaves, flowers and plant waste
  • food waste
  • cut grass
  • cat litter granules with Ecolabel
  • coffee filters
  • small pet manure or straw (guinea pig, hamster, rabbit)
  • weeds

What goes where

So that you know exactly what type of waste goes where, you can download the list (Dutch), print it off and hang it in a visible location.

pdf Afval scheiden: Wat hoort waar? (PDF, 2.95 MB)

For the collection dates, view the Waste collection calendar.

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