Odour and vermin prevention tips

Tips to keep your wheelie bin vermin and odour-free.

  • do not place the wheelie bin in the full sun
  • place a wad of newspaper at the bottom of the wheelie bin
  • do not throw damp waste into the wheelie bin (for example, allow cut grass to dry for a day and remove moisture from food waste by leaving it to drain in the sink strainer)
  • package remains of meat and fish in a biodegradable bag
  • clean the vegetable, fruit, garden and food (VFG+F) wheelie bin regularly with water and, if required, soft soap (do not use chlorine, disinfectants or insecticides as these harm the environment and interfere with the composting process)
  • a piece of ivy (Hedera) placed in the wheelie bin will help to prevent maggots
  • place mothballs in a pair of tights and hang these on the handle of the wheelie bin (the smell of the mothballs will keep flies away; remove the tights/mothballs before the bin is emptied)
  • prop up the lid of the wheelie bin with a stick to ventilate the bin
  • spray the bin with vinegar – this will keep vermin at bay
  • use degradable plastic VFG+F bags with the seedling logo (Dutch) to keep the wheelie bin clean and prevent waste residues being left in the bin
Het Kiemplantlogo. Dit log staat op composteerbare (biologisch afbreekbare) zakken.

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