Pruning waste

Prunings are branches, stems and trunks of trees or shrubs. Pruning waste can be dropped off at the Waste recycling centre free of charge. Or you can have the waste collected for a fee.

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Drop-off or collection

Pruning waste can be dropped off at the Waste recycling centre free of charge, or you can have it collected. To have your waste collected, make an appointment.


The collection costs for pruning waste (max. 4 m3) are € 25. You can pay with iDEAL when you book an appointment.

Rules for putting waste out for collection

  • Loose or bundled with sisal rope, not in rubbish (or other) bags.
  • No loose leaves or grass cuttings in amongst the pruning waste.
  • No longer than 2 metres.
  • Accessible for the crane truck from the public road. Do not leave near to a hedge, fence, wall, tree or lamppost.  The grab must be able to pick it up.
  • Place prunings on the road in front of your property (not in your garden).
  • Max. 4 m3. (1 m3 is 1 metre (length) x 1 metre (width) x 1 metre (height)).

Only prunings that have been put out for collection correctly will be picked up.

Waste is collected from 7 am. You may put it out from 9 pm the evening before. Make sure other waste is not put with it. It should preferably be put out in the morning.

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