Mattress bag

If the council is collecting your mattress, you need a mattress bag. This bag keeps the mattress dry whilst awaiting collection and the mattress can then be recycled. Make sure you have a mattress bag before making an appointment.


A list of addresses where you can collect the special free bags for single and double mattresses:


Is collection difficult? A mattress bag can be delivered to your home. You pay for the delivery and processing costs. When applying, choose a bag for a single or double mattress.

Mattress bagSizeCost
Single mattress bag1.16 x 2.40 meters€ 5,75
Double mattress bag1.96 x 2.60 meters€ 8,55

Enter the quantity of mattress bags needed at the top of the form.


Seal the mattress bag well using tape or rope. This way, the mattress stays dry. Only dry mattresses can be recycled.