Household electrical appliances


Large household electrical appliances are appliances with a plug such as washing machines, tumble dryers, refrigerators, freezers and cookers. You can drop off these electrical appliances at the waste recycling centre free of charge, or it can be collected.

Drop-off in person

Household electrical appliances that are can be dropped off at the waste recycling centre free of charge.


If you cannot take it to the waste recycling centre, arrange for collection of household electrical appliances.

Due to other collections, the day you have selected may already be full. Please select a different day.

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Household electrical appliances can be dropped off at the waste recycling centre free of charge. The electrical appliances can also be collected free of charge.

Rules for putting waste out for collection

  • Electrical appliances must be empty.
  • Place electrical appliances on the road in front of your property (not in your garden).  

Waste collection starts at 06:00 hours. You may put it out from 21:00 hours the evening before. Prevent additional waste being added to your waste by putting it outside in the morning.

Only household electrical appliances that have been put out for collection correctly will be picked up.

Household electrical appliances include

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