Swimming pools, lakes and recreational areas

Breda offers various swimming pools and natural lakes where swimming is allowed. There are also a number of recreational areas in Breda, but you cannot swim there.

Swimming pools

Natural lakes

Recreational areas

You can cool off and spend time by the water at various locations in Breda. The council has installed bicycle storage areas and waste bins at a number of locations and the grass is cut more often in these areas. You can cool off there, but no swimming is allowed.  You can swim at swimming pools or in natural lakes. Entering the water at other places in the city is at your own risk. The council monitors the water quality at these locations. 

  • Belcrum Beach (Dutch)
    Veilingkade 12a, Breda
  • Gasthuisvelden
    Arsenaalpad, Breda
  • Boeimeerpark

Swimming ban

Apart from these locations, there are other areas to cool off by the water. Swimming bans are in place in some areas: Emerput lake, Haven at the Hoge Brug (Breda Harbour - High Bridge), the north end of the Mark river and the Krouwelaarshaven (Krouwelaar harbour). Jumping from bridges, culverts and weirs is also forbidden.