Galderse Meren lakes

The Galderse Meren is a natural lake in Breda, which is open to the public for recreational activities, including swimming. The recreational season is from 1 April until 30 September. During that time, both parking and recreation rules apply.

You can request information about the current number of visitors to the lakes via WhatsApp. Send the word 'update' to: 06 11 70 90 15.  If the situation remains unchanged, when you send a subsequent Whats App message, you will not receive a response.

Rules in relation to recreation 

  • Nude recreation is only permitted at the north side of the Galderse Meren lakes.
  • No dogs or horses are permitted during the recreation season.
  • Barbecues and open fires are not permitted.
  • Motorised watercraft are not permitted.
  • Recreation at the Noordplas nature reserve (to the north of the A58) is not permitted. Offenders will receive a fine.

Rules in relation to parking 

  • Paid parking from 1 April until 30 September between 09:00 and 18:00 hours. Tariff: € 3.00 a day. You can pay with a debit card.
  • Parking is only permitted in car parks P1 to P6 (1,300 spaces).
  • 'No stopping' signs are in force along the public roads. Drivers of incorrectly parked vehicles and parked cars that cause an obstruction will be fined and the cars may be towed away.
  • Short-stay parking is available on the Moerstraat/Rijsbergsebaan intersection (maximum 15 minutes).
  • A one-way traffic system may be imposed; this system would be indicated by signs.
  • If all car parks are full, the access roads to the Galderse Meren lakes will be closed to cars.