Barbecues and open fires

You may have a barbecue or open fire on your own land. In the event of nuisance, unsafe situations or when there is a risk of fire, the municipality can take action against this.

The municipality would prefer barbecues not be lit in public spaces, parks or woodlands. They can be unsafe, pose a fire risk and cause nuisance. The municipality can take action against this. To avoid disappointment and hazardous situations, we ask that you mainly have barbecues at home, on your own land.

When barbecues are prohibited

  • Barbecues and open fires are prohibited in those areas where this is stated on signs, for example, at the Galderse Meren lakes and the Asterdplas lake.
  • During an event, apart from if the events permit states that this is permitted. For example, on King's Day no barbecues are permitted in the Valkenberg Park because the events permit does not permit this.
  • Open fires to burn garden waste are not permitted. The municipality will collect garden waste by appointment, alternatively you can take your garden waste to the Civic Amenity Site.
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