Passport for Breda residents


You request a passport from the council. Arrange an appointment beforehand. Pay when you make the request. The passport will be ready for you after 6 working days.

You will need the following

Are you Dutch and do you live abroad? Apply for a Passport and ID card for Dutch nationals living abroad
You can find information about travelling with children on the  Central Government website (Dutch).

For an adult passport you need

  • all of your passports and/or identity cards, even if these are no longer valid
  • a passport photo, not older than 6 months, which fulfils the requirements
  • debit or credit card

For a child passport you need

  • all passports and/or identity cards for the child, even if these are no longer valid
  • a passport photo, not older than 6 months, which fulfils the requirements
  • the child himself/herself, both when the passport is requested and collected
  • debit or credit card


To apply for a passport, up to the age of 18 years consent is required from the parent(s) or the person who has authority. Both parents provide consent online, each person individually using their own DigiD.

If (both) parents have provided their online consent, they do not have to be present during the application process at the service desk.

Providing consent with DigiD

Costs and validity

Type of passportAmountValidity
Passport 18 years and older€ 83,8510 years
Passport 18 years and older, urgent issue€ 140,9010 years
Passport up to the age of 17€ 63,405 years
Passport up to the age of 17, urgent issue€ 120,455 years

What you need to know

Lost or stolen

  • If you have lost your passport, or if this has been stolen, inform the council of this as soon as possible: Lost passport or identity card.
  • You can also inform the council that you have lost your passport when you apply for your new passport. 
  • Delivery time for a passport to replace a lost passport can be more than 6 working days.
  • It is not always possible to process an urgent request.

Urgent issue

If you submit an urgent passport application before 14.00 hours, this will be ready for collection after 12.00 noon the next working day.

Delivery service

Passports can be delivered to almost every address in the Netherlands. Everyone, including children, must take delivery of their passport in person. Delivery costs for 1 passport € 5,15. Delivery costs of several passports to the same address, maximum € 10,30.

Dutch national living abroad

If you are a Dutch national living abroad, you can apply for a passport for Dutch nationals living abroad.

Business passport

If you travel frequently, when you come to our service desk, ask for a business passport. A business passport has more pages for visa stamps.