Passport and ID card for Dutch nationals living abroad


If you are a Dutch national living abroad, you can apply for a passport and/or ID card at Breda Council. Before you apply, you need to complete a questionnaire and send documents. We will contact you by email within 10 weeks of receipt. Once these documents have been approved, we will send you an email explaining how to make an appointment to apply for a passport or ID card at Breda Council. Don't forget to send all the documents we ask for with your application. If we don't receive everything we need, it will take us more time and your application will take longer than expected.

Completing the questionnaire

  • Go through your personal checklist on the website Netherlands worldwide.
  • This will tell you which documents you need.
  • You must include these documents with the questionnaire that you complete. Therefore, scan all these documents before starting the questionnaire.

The form is in Dutch. If you need assistance please call 14 076.

Complete the questionnaire

Important to know

  • Each person that applies for a passport or ID card must complete a separate questionnaire.
  • The Council might send you an email asking you for additional documents
  • You must personally make the application and this includes children.

Citizen Service Number

Under certain conditions, you can apply for a citizen service number at the same time. Please use the option available in the questionnaire.

When you come to your appointment, bring the following

Costs, validity and delivery

Type of passport/ID cardAmountValidity
Passport 18 years and older€ 126,4010 years
Passport up to the age of 17€  105,955 years
ID card 18 years and older€ 121,9510 years
ID card up to the age of 17€  87,005 years

Collection or Delivery Service

You can collect your document in person after 3 working days.
We offer a delivery service throughout the Netherlands and in Belgium. Documents can also be delivered to Germany, to postcode areas: 26, 40, 41, 42, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 58 en 59 . Everyone, including children, must take delivery of the document in person. Costs for 1 document € 30. Delivery of several documents to the same address, maximum € 45.

Passport or ID card for people without a permanent place of residence or place to stay

If you a Dutch national without a permanent place of residence or place to stay, you can apply for a passport or ID card using the questionnaire on this webpage. You must prove that you remained in the Netherlands since unsubscribing from the ‘Basisregistratie personen’ (Personal Records Database – BRP) until the time of application. You must be able to show evidence such as statements issued by benefit agencies or an employer, salary slips, insurance documents, a housing permit and bank statements.