Lost items

If you have lost something, you can report this online or report it to the municipal authorities

Reporting online

Report the item(s) at verlorenofgevonden.nl (Dutch). The municipality will contact you as soon as the item has been found. You can use this report as evidence for your insurance.

If your insurer requires an official statement, or if you are certain that the item has been stolen, you must report it to the police.

Reporting to the municipality

You can visit the desk 'gevonden en verloren voorwerpen' (lost and found) during opening hours, without making an appointment first.

Special objects lost

Passport, ID card
If you have lost your passport or ID card, you must report this as soon as possible in order to prevent unauthorised use. Lost passport or ID card (Dutch)

Driving licence
You can report the loss of your driving licence at the same time you apply for a new one. Driving licence

Bicycle, moped or scooter
If your bicycle, moped or scooter has been stolen or is missing, you can report this at verlorenofgevonden.nl (Dutch). Here you can also check whether your bicycle, moped or scooter has been found and can be collected. In order to collect your bicycle, moped or scooter, you need to contact the municipality.

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