Moving to or within Breda

Are you moving to a different address within the Municipality of Breda? Or are you moving from a different municipality to Breda? Please notify the municipality of your new address in time, a maximum of 4 weeks before you move house or no later than 5 days thereafter. Anyone aged 16 years or older moving house can notify the municipality of this change of address.

Apply with Digid

(The form is in Dutch. If you need assistance please call 14 076.)

What you need to know

  • Always notify the municipality of your new address in time. You must do so 4 weeks before you move house, yet no later than 5 days after the day you have moved. The change of address is effective from the day you move.
  • If you notify the municipality after you have moved house, the change of address comes into effect on the day the municipality received the notification.
  • Your details will be amended. You can check your details yourself on For this, you need your DigiD.
  • The personal details held on record by the municipality are used by many government organisations. This ranges from the Tax and Customs Administration to the school attendance officer. It is important that your details are correct in order to prevent unpleasant surprises.
  • If you move to a different municipality, you need to notify your new municipality.
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