ID card for Breda residents

You need to apply for an ID card at the municipality. For this, you need to make an appointment. You pay when submitting your application. The ID card will be ready for you after 5 working days.

You will need the following

  • all passports and/or ID cards you have, expired or otherwise
  • a passport photo that meets the requirements
  • PIN card

When applying on behalf of a child, also:

Costs and validity

Type of ID card Amount Validity
ID card 18-year-old and up € 58.30

10 years

ID card up to the age of 17 € 30.70 5 years
Expedited application Additional charge of € 49.85  

Expedited application

If you request the ID card before 2pm, it will be ready from 9.30am the next working day.

Delivery service

Offered for practically every address in the Netherlands. Everyone, including children, must take delivery of his or her ID card, in person.
Costs for 1 ID card € 3.50. If several ID cards are to be delivered to the same address, costs are a maximum of € 7.

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