Operating licence food service sector


For the food service sector where no alcohol is served, in certain streets in Breda an operating licence is required. You request this from the municipality.

What you need to know

When is the operating licence required?

  • If you wish to start or take over a food service business that does not serve alcohol in certain streets in Breda. For example, a sandwich bar, lunch café, chip shop, ice-cream parlour, shawarma/kebab shop, smartshop, headshop, phone or internet shop. Go to the street view to find out whether a licence is required for your street.
  • If you wish to open a coffee shop, escort or prostitution business, always contact the municipality first.

If there is any change in terms of the business, you must reapply for an operating licence.

Add or change manager

You can add or change the managers in your existing licence. You can read more about this on the page Change Manager in your licence.

Alcoholic Beverage and Food Service licence

If you serve alcoholic beverages, you only require an Alcoholic Beverage and Food Service licence.

Public Administration (Probity Screen) Act (BIBOB)

An investigation under the Public Administration (Probity Screen) Act (BIBOB) can be carried out at your request.

Processing time      

If the request is complete, the municipality will deal with the request within 8 weeks. This period can be extended by 8 (or more) weeks.


It costs € 571,14 to request the operating licence.

(For the food service sector where no alcohol is served).