Extract from the Register of Non-Residents

Do you live abroad and do you need an extract from the Register Non-Resident (RNI)? For instance because you need an extract with emigration details? Or because you do not have your citizen service number (BSN) anymore? In that case you can apply for an extract RNI.

Apply, pay and deliver

You will apply for the extract online. You will pay online by bank card or credit card. Within 2 weeks the extract will be sent to the address as indicated by you. Please take into account that mail sent abroad may take a long time before arriving. This can take as long as a few weeks.

It is also possible to obtain the extract at the counter in the City hall of Breda. You pay by bank card or credit card and you will receive the extract instantly. In this case please make an appointment.

In some cases additional information may be requested.

Make an appointment

What you need to know

Did you move abroad before the 1st of October 1994? Then you must apply for the extract at the Municipality of The Hague.


The extract costs € 16,15.

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