Data in the Personal Records Database (BRP)

Your personal data are registered in the personal records database (BRP). If your personal data held on record are wrong, you can request the municipality to correct them. Following adoption or gender reassignment, you can ask the municipality to remove any data from before the adoption or gender reassignment.

What you need to know

Go to to see which personal data are held on record of you and your underage children.

Only the municipality you reside in can correct your personal data.

In order to change the use of your surname following marriage or divorce, you need to follow the procedure.

If you do not want the municipality to share your personal data with other parties, you can contact the municipality.

More information

How does it work

  1. Send a letter to:
    Gemeente Breda
    Afdeling Publieksservice
    Postbus 90156
    4800 RH Breda
  2. In the letter, explain which data are incorrect and correct them.
  3. Enclose the following with the letter:
    - a copy of (documentary) evidence showing that your personal data in the BRP are incorrect
    - a copy of the evidence showing the correct data, e.g. birth certificate
    - a copy of your proof of ID
  4. The municipality will notify you once your data have been corrected.


Having data in the BRP corrected or removed is free of charge.

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