Submit an objection

If you disagree with a decision reached by the municipality or if you have a personal interest in the decision, you can object. You have to object within 6 weeks of the decision being sent. Submit the objection to the administrative body that made the decision, for example, the municipal council, the mayor or the executive board of the municipality.

Submit an objection

Before you submit an objection, you can contact the municipality to find out whether the submission of an objection is the most appropriate course of action for you. An employee of the municipality will go through the decision with you.
If you wish to object, you submit an objection. This can be done digitally using DigiD or by letter, containing the following information:

  • your name and address
  • the date of writing the objection
  • the decision you are objecting to; we recommend enclosing a copy of the decision
  • the reason for your objection
  • your signature if you object by letter

If you include your telephone number in your objection, we can contact you to discuss how the objection can be dealt with - the so-called informal approach.

For which decisions do you use this form?

You use the form on this page if you wish to object to a decision to grant or refuse an environmental permit pursuant to the Environmental Law (General Provisions) Act (Wet algemene bepalingen omgevingsrecht (Wabo)), for example, for construction or demolition projects or felling trees. Or if you wish to object to a decision pursuant to the General Municipal Regulation (APV) Breda 2018, the General Regulation on Subsidies Breda 2017 (Algemene subsidieverordening Breda 2017) or the Parking Regulation 2013 (Parkeerverordening 2013).

In relation to decisions about waste fees, betterment levy, dog tax, immovable property and immovable property tax, sufferance tax, sewerage levy or waiver, you can submit an objection to the Tax Partnership for West-Brabant (Belastingsamenwerking West-Brabant (Dutch)).

When a decision has been reached about work and income (Participation Act - Participatiewet), debt counselling or the Social Support Act (Wet maatschappelijke ondersteuning- Wmo) you can submit an objection to the Social Domain.

Would you like to respond to a decision still to be reached by the municipality? If so, in certain cases, you can submit a viewpoint.

What happens to your objection?

You may be invited to a hearing of the Advisory Board for objections. This Advisory Board is not connected to the municipality, but advises the administrative body that must reach a decision about your objection.

You will then receive the municipality's decision about your objection. This decision is usually reached within 12 weeks after the day on which the period of time for submitting the objection ends. The municipality can extend this period of time once only by a maximum of 6 weeks. You will then be informed of this in writing.

If you disagree with the decision about your objection - within 6 weeks of the decision about your objection being reached - you can appeal to the district court of Zeeland-West-Brabant. In that case, you would send your objection to:

Sector Bestuursrecht (Administrative Law Sector) Zeeland-West-Brabant
P.O. Box 90006
4800 PA Breda

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