Open Government Law request

Pursuant to the Open Government Law (Wet Openbaarheid van Bestuur), anybody can request information about the municipality's governmental topics. To request this information, complete the form using DigiD.

The Data Portal (Dutch) of the Municipality of Breda provides public sector information pursuant to the Open Government Law (Wet openbaarheid van bestuur). After consulting this public sector data, you may no longer have to submit a request.

What you need to know

You are entitled to information from the municipality, about how the municipality acts, why and how a decision is made.

You are not able to request information about future plans or decisions.

A request under the Open Government Law (Wob) is sometimes turned down. For example, because this concerns confidential information.

More information

How it works

  • Anyone can submit a request under the Open Government Law (Wob).
  • The request must concern the municipality's policy, implementation of that policy or preparation of that policy.
  • The request must concern recorded and stored information, which may be in writing but also in the form of photographs or audio material.
  • In the request you must outline as precisely as possible what you wish to receive information about.

The municipality will reach a decision about your request as quickly as possible. The statutory period of time within which your request must be dealt with is 4 weeks, with the extension of 4 weeks if required.


Digital information is usually free of charge. The first 24 copies of documents are free of charge.
If you require 25 or more copies, you pay €0.35 per copy.

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