Information about the waste collection pass and privacy

Privacy relating to the waste disposal pass and chip

A chip has been installed in every new mini-wheelie bin for households. All households in Breda also have or will receive a waste disposal pass, which is used to open the underground residual waste container. On the pass and in the chip there is a number, which links to your address.

Waste disposal pass and underground container

The waste disposal pass opens the underground residual waste container. The municipality does not gather any information about how often you use this container and how much waste you dispose of. The pass will enable you to open the underground container in your own neighbourhood. The underground container does register the total number of deposits. This will ensure that the refuse truck will empty a full container quickly.
In the future, you may be able to use the pass to deposit waste at the Waste recycling centre. This isn't the case as yet.

Chip in the mini-wheelie bin

The chip in the mini-wheelie bin at home doesn't register the amount of waste you present for collection and how often this is presented. As every household in Breda will be getting new wheelie bins, the municipal council decided to install chips as, in the future, the municipality will be able to use these to monitor the quantity of waste generation in each district, enabling them to collect this more efficiently.


The municipality does not collect or register any data relating to you through the waste disposal pass or the chip in the container. This could possibly happen in the future, but then the municipal council and board must make an explicit decision about this.

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