Christmas trees

When you have finished with your Christmas tree, you can dispose of it as follows:

Vegetable, fruit and garden waste (VFG)

Cut the Christmas tree into small pieces and place them in your VFG wheelie bin, a central VFG waste container or an indoor container. Make sure you close the container properly, with no branches sticking out.

Additional collection round

If you are unable to cut your Christmas tree into small pieces, take it to the Waste Recycling Centre or arrange an appointment, you can present the tree for collection by the refuse trucks. You can do this in the week from 9 to 13 January, on the VFG collection day. On those days the trees will be collected by extra refuse trucks.  These will drive the same route as the refuse truck, but at a different time.

  • On the collection day, leave the Christmas tree next to your VFG wheelie bin at the collection point.
  • If you use underground containers, leave the Christmas tree next to the VFG waste container.
  • If the containers are indoors, leave the tree next to your local VFG containers.
  • Only bare Christmas trees will be collected (without decorations, lights, stand, bucket or wooden cross).
  • Find the collection days in the Afvalwijzer App or at (Dutch).

Waste Recycling Centre

If you can't cut the Christmas tree into small pieces, deliver it to the Waste Recycling Centre.

Garden waste

If you cannot cut your waste into small pieces or take it to the Waste Recycling Centre, arrange for collection of garden waste. As of 1 January 2023, the collection of garden waste is free of charge (Dutch).

Drop-off and incineration

In January Christmas trees were crushed and incinerated at 15 different locations. There will be no more crushing or incinerating of Christmas trees on location this year.